Milton Keynes Singing Lessons

Milton Keynes Singing Lessons

Learning to sing can be on the most liberating and confidence building exercises that you can do. It can help to improve many areas of your life beyond the realm of simply performing - whether it is helping businessmen and women deliver memorable presentations using voice techniques, enabling younger students build self-confidence or providing a "third space" that is neither your home life or work life where you can focus on something that helps you relax singing is something that can benefit just about everyone! Yet, it is something that demands a degree of commitment with weekly or bi-weekly lessons critical to the development of your vocal ability. Each week you will also be given small tasks to work on at home - committing to practise these is also an important step in your vocal development.

I cover a huge range of different musical styles - from musicals, pop and rock, right over to soul and jazz pieces of music. I pride myself on being able to create a course of music lessons that suit the musical preferences of my pupil, helping them to learn through the music that they are passionate about and the music that inspired them to start singing in the first place. While it can be a nerve wracking experience thinking about booking your first lesson, as well as plucking up the courage to come through the classroom door the first time once you have passed that threashold you will quickly find yourself at ease in the learning enviroment and begin to thrive as a singer. For more information about my singing lessons, or if you have any specific questions, simply get in touch via the contact page.

Professional Vocal Tuition

I help my students learn through the songs that they love, so whether you are passionate about the songs from Frozen, mad about singing Les Mis or into rock from all eras I have the lessons for you. Indeed, I can cover almost every genre - so it is really your choice what we sing! I teach all ages with beginners to advanced male & female students welcome. 

If you're interested in lessons, don't hesitate to get in touch with Willow on 03458 690679.

Willow is an incredibly experienced vocalist and vocal coach, helping students from complete beginners to advanced learners reach their full vocal potential. She would be delighted to help you to gain confidence, build vocal strength and sing the songs that you have always wanted to.